1. #Hairpocalypse2014

  2. matthewsaccaro:

    LMAO @ the last one. I had to study tons of Van Eyck in college.

    (Source: themetapicture.com, via churippu)

  3. I love the D.

  4. I just wanna know how much LDS Roddenberry was taking when he wrote Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture.

  5. A big bowl of homemade sugary strawberry & licorice shards. Glass candy?

  6. I picked up this ugly old thing at a thrift store for 50¢ ages ago & finally gave it a paint job. It’s pretty ugly. And I like it.

  7. #snow #ninja


  8. I have an amazing story to tell about my glorious offspring to anyone who will listen.

    So my 6 year old was in the bathtub… asking me questions about outer space, like kids do… & she starts asking me which planet is the smallest planet.

    And I was like.. “well, honey.. i dunno i think maybe Mercury? It used to be Pluto but Pluto isn’t a planet anymore so… i’m not sure!” 

    So then she’s concerned & she’s like “oh no! what happened to Pluto?!”

    So i told her nothing happened, the scientists in charge just decided Pluto was really too small to be a real planet… so they demoted it, kinda. 

    And then she got quiet for a minute. And looked up. And looked me right in the eyes and said….

    “Mommy? …… *I* still believe in Pluto.”

    And it was just one of those moments.

  9. When you’re almost done with your makeup and this happens. It never fails. I know I’m not the only one.

  10. My leggings for Mount Cheaha 50k came in & are to die for! Good thing too, bc I’s a wee but underprepared this year :)