1. So it begins.

  2. Xeno Nouveau

  3. Almost done with my new cosplay for DragonCon - I give you Feyd Rautha of House Harkonnen!  (Or my own genderbent version of it.)

    Paper mache’ - Made out of 100% recycled beer boxes & a really crappy book… plus some glue & some black latex wall paint i ganked from my parent’s garage (with permission).

  4. I always wanted this on a shirt. Then i remembered “holy shit, i’m a graphic designer.” So i put it on one.

    Available in my Redbubble shop.


  5. spicyshimmy:

    don’t romanticize the past. romanticize the future. the future has starfleet

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  6. #Hairpocalypse2014

  7. matthewsaccaro:

    LMAO @ the last one. I had to study tons of Van Eyck in college.

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  8. I love the D.

  9. I just wanna know how much LDS Roddenberry was taking when he wrote Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture.

  10. A big bowl of homemade sugary strawberry & licorice shards. Glass candy?